Why I’m Running

img_9677-2I have been a proud City resident since 2006 when I moved here to begin my career as a science teacher at Northwest Academy in the St. Louis Public Schools district. During the six years I spent with the district, I taught every science class available from 8th Grade General Science to 12th Grade Advanced Placement Environmental Science. My experience as an SLPS teacher showed me the inner workings of the district. I learned that, overall, SLPS teachers are the most dedicated and determined group of people I’ve ever worked with and that the whole district wants nothing more than to see students succeed.

Now, as my son prepares to enter kindergarten, I’m learning how the district works from aimg_7366 parent point-of-view. I’m impressed with the number of options and opportunities available yet frustrated by the lack of information necessary to make decisions.

As a former SLPS teacher and current SLPS parent, my perspective is unique. I understand the joys and struggles of the district employees but also know first-hand what its like to want the best for your child and the path that must be taken to reach it.

We can’t have a great city without a great public school system. Let’s work together to continue the progress that SLPS has made over the years and reach new levels of achievement.

As an elected board member, my number one goal will be to encourage the implementation of policies and procedures that will not only improve achievement for district students, but contribute to a stronger, healthier St. Louis community.  I would like to see a renewed emphasis on neighborhood schools and community education sites.  Ideally, every SLPS school will offer community education opportunities like after-school programs, GED courses, parenting and family workshops, health care clinics, college and career readiness centers, etc.  l will work toward an increased emphasis on improving student mental health by implementing additional trauma-sensitive policies and increasing the number of counselors and social workers.  I want to increase the number of and improve the quality of professional development opportunities for teachers and school-based administrators so that the experiences are relevant to educators needs and goals.  I would like to bring more teachers into the district-level decision making process to ensure the decisions made by the board are actually effective when put into practice.  I will also seek to improve district communications with parents and students by streamlining application and enrollment procedures, increasing family outreach opportunities, and providing clear, informative, and  up-to-date information on district and school websites.